Sallys Cakes in Windsor is a small cake shop on Windsor High Street where we have been baking our own cakes for over 5 years.


We produce birthday cakes for all ages. We have our own designs or can produce something totally unique depending on your needs.


Wedding Cakes for your special day are our speciality. Come and talk to use about how we can make a cake that will match every other aspect of your wedding.


Cakes aren't just for special occasions. Come in our shop and pick up a cake for every day occasions. Whatever your fancy we probably have it. Why not try our cup cakes.

Beautiful home made cakes in the heart of Windsor

Welcome to Sally’s Cakes in Windsor

We are a small shop in Windsor specialising in baking and selling cakes.

Whether you need a cake for your big wedding day or a birthday or just fancy a treat we will have something for you.

Come and visit us

123 Cake Street

Windsor CK1 1ES